Basic Fuel Pump Replacement:

1) Remove the fuse for the fuel pump that's located near the battery (right-most position in the photo below), and open the gas cap.

2) Get in the car and turn the key to start it until it won't - you're getting the gas out of the lines so that, hopefully, when you pop the rubber hoses off the metal, it won't spray you in the face. When I do this, the car doesn't even start up, just tries, so it should happen pretty quickly.

3) Remove the interior hatch pieces that need to be removed to get the "tray" covering between the two wheel wells off. The fuel pump is under there.

4) Remove that metal covering you can see removed in the above photo. I believe it's four bolts. Pop the rubber wiring grommet through.

5) Have some rags on hand. Carefully disconnect the rubber lines from the metal tubes they're on. You may need to twist them to break them free. I haven't lost any down under the metal surround, but keep that in mind and keep them from doing that if they try.

6) Unscrew the six (I believe) bolts that hold the round piece down. Disconnect the electrical connections. You are now ready to lift the pump out of the gas tank - it's connected right below that circular "cap" you just unbolted. Be careful not to lose the black rubber ring gasket that's under that "cap" - you can see it in the top of the photo below.

Here are photos of the pump assembly:

From what I recall, it's fairly simple to figure out how to get the pump out of the assembly. Then just reassemble. Pretty straightforward.

The pump out of the assembly can be seen in these photos.

Lastly, leave the garage door open so you don't pass out from fumes. And, please, don't smoke. ;-)

More detailed instructions can be found here.

1995 300ZX TT
Fuel Pump & Fuel Pump Control Module Photos

Fuel Pump & Location:

fuel pump 1 fuel pump 2 fp-info-gfc2
fuel pump 1 fuel pump 2 fuel pump location

Fuel Pump Control Module:

1fpcontmod1 2fpcontmod2 3fpcontmod3
control mod 1 control mod 2 control mod 3

Control Module Location, behind driver's seat:

fp-info-gfc1 4contrllr-in-place1 5contrllr-in-place2 6allmods-in-place
control mod location controller in place 2nd module all modules in place