Auto-FAQ Index

The 6 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Compression test how-to

Idle RPM problem reference guide
Vacuum Hoses and Connected Components Guide
Boost Leak Locator Guide
Cheap & simple boost leak tester (dead image links)
Test & Adjust TPS switch & sensor
Motor mounts replaced with Ford mounts for cheap replacement
EFI harness replacement - engine out
EFI harness - coil pack clip replacement
Turbo wastegate setup/balance
Turbocharger wastegate actuator setup
Bigger BB turbos for less than $1500
The ultimate dyno dissertation
Positioning single cone air filter
Dual MAF/Dual POP Installation
60mm throttlebody conversion
Removing throttlebody fittings
AIV deletion
Carbon canister removal & bypass
Ash's EGR 101
Idle valve (IAA) R&R (Pt. 1)
Air regulator R&R (Pt. 2)
Fuel hose under plenum replacement
Fuel hardline bypass
How to Replace Fuel Injector Using Dremel Method
Repair NA throttle body coolant hose
Plenum pull & water hose bypass procedure
Power steering hose replacement
Installing boost jets in an easy-to-replace manner
Alternator Replacement
Power steering boot replacement
Replacing the oil drain plug with an oil temp sensor
Homemade valve spring compressor
Lifter Rebuild 101
Rebuild hydraulic valve lifter
Catch can setup
How to remove iron flashing from coolant galleys
How to replace the heater core
The soft valve issue

Removing the A/T torque converter bushing
5 speed conversion wiring
Auto to 5 speed notes
Clutch adjustment on an NA
Clutch pedal adjustment for high performance clutches

Wheels and Tires 101
Wheel sizes and offsets
Wheel offset numbers
Do-It-Yourself alignment
300Degree Camber Kit Install
Eibach springs & strut installation/replacement
Steering rack bushing replacement

Subframe bushing swap
eBay strut bars

Installing Units
Installing units beside steering wheel
Apexi S-AFC installation
Install radar remote (scroll down past gauge install)
Install Viper alarm
Alarm installation using OEM TWS harness
Custom Homelink installation
Install remote keyless entry
Improving radio reception (aftermarket units)
Replace antenna with glass mount

Headlight removal without removing the fascia
Wiring JSpec HIDs
Modifying the '99 JSpec HID for LHD
Repair/rebuild stock antenna
LED 3rd brake light for under $30
3rd brake light exterior trim installation
Aiming fog lamps
Cleaning low-beam projector lenses

Engine bay dress-up on the cheap
Upper nose panel gasket installation for 94-96 Trim removal for the windshield/t-top/roof trim
Replacing T-top "end caps"
Replacing the B-pillar door molding
Remove wiper arm and cowl
Fender liner louvers

Fix a peeling dash
Repair center armrest
Install Indiglo gauges
Airbag replacement
Heater core removal without removing the dash
Fabricated window lift brackets
Fixing hatch rattle
Fixing door rattles
Fixing window rattles
Window Rattle/Leak/Button/Molding Fix
Door lock replacement
How to adjust the seatbelt spring
Steering wheel hub adapter
Short throw shifter fabrication
Removing the headliner
Wiring rear speakers

Care & Feeding of your new Z
Complete T-Bolt Clamp Guide for your Z32
Tikigod's photo pointers
How to shut off the Z while locked out
Opening hood when the release cable doesn't work
Part numbers & interchangeability
Airbag diagnostics
Graphical representation of Z32 TT stages
90-94 lower plenums & injectors vs. 95+